Welcome to

White Collar Prison Consulting

Welcome to White Collar Prison Consulting

White Collar Prison Consulting (WCPC) wants to make your incarceration as short and easy as possible. I am here to assist you and your family during all stages of the judicial process. My knowledge is based on the 70-month sentence I served in federal prison and from years of extensive research.

            I will assist you with pre-trial details, plea agreements, Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP), PSI(Pre-sentence Investigation) interviews, PSR (Pre-sentence Report)challenges, sentencing, incarceration, half-way houses, and home confinement. I want to work with you and your lawyer to ensure that you receive the best outcome possible. Let my incarceration experience walk you through the many challenges you are about to face. I can explain the entire process in easy-to-understand layman’s terms while offering you the advice that only comes from personally experiencing the federal prison system.

            Let me help you and your family prosper in your new world so that you emerge strong and eager to tackle the next stage of your life.

WCPC Offers the Following Services:

·         RDAP placement

·         PSI coaching and challenge of your PSR

·         Organizing your affairs

·         Inmate telephone usage

·         Halfway house placement

·         Inmate jobs

·         Visitation

·         Medical advice

·         Lower bunk passes

·         Religious diets

·         Daily prison life

·         How to act with other inmates

·         Full review of your case


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